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Quality Certification

We are certified with the Quality Certification ISO 9001, concerning the design, development and manufacture of Expansion Vessels, Storage Water Heater, Thermoelectric, Heat Pumps, Solar Panels and Inertia Deposits. This Certification shows our compromise quality and consumers satisfaction.

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Energy Classification

Our products have Energy Classification according to the Ecodesign (ErP) and Ecolabelling (ELD) directives. We are the only portuguese company of storage water heater with Energy Class B. Our DHW Heat Pumps are rated, throughout the range, with Energy Class A and a Performance Coefficient of 4.4.


Partnerships with universities and investments made in modern equipment and facilities allow us to add value to the products we manufacture.


We develop products and systems that save up to 100% on energy bills, space and installation time and technical maintenance. In addition, they are environmentally friendly.


In the last decade we have conquered the national market and with the same entrepreneurial spirit we are successfully focusing on internationalization.


We produce superior quality stainless steel equipment.

Customized solutions

We develop customized and adjusted solutions to the needs of each client.
We deliver economical, efficient and reliable systems that respect and promote sustainable development while delivering significant energy bill savings.
Our products are destined to residential facilities (Detached house and condos, apartments, swimming pools) and industry and commerce (hotels, commercial areas).
Founded in 2005, AQUAFER is a company led by managers and entrepreneurial technicians with high professional experience, being a recognized brand in the national and international market.
Currently the company has facilities in Viatodos, Barcelos, with a covered area of 2000 m2.
The company products that stand out are storage water heater, thermoelectric, deposits inertia, heat pumps, solar solutions and expansion vessels. Its main used raw material is stainless steel and iron, both from Portugal and Finland.
Distinguished by its speed and efficiency in supplying customers, surpassing its requirements and expectations, AQUAFER stands out also for holding the most well-classified energy storage tankers, belonging to class B, 100% produced in Portugal.
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