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Works at Aquafer: More Production, Better Conditions

Works at Aquafer: More Production, Better Conditions

It is with satisfaction and confidence in the future that we share the conclusion of the important works at Aquafer's factory and headquarters in Barcelos. After several studies and intense work, we now have a new production layout, we have restructured the entire administrative area and we have given the façade of our building a new, modern image.

A project that represents an increase of more than 50 per cent in floor space and which, together with the acquisition of new equipment, will help to expand our production capacity and provide better working conditions for our employees.

New administrative and social areas have been created, including a new canteen, and changing rooms, reception area and car park.

Aquafer congratulates the whole team on their excellent work and invites you to visit our new facilities. We look forward to sharing this new chapter with you!


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